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Aug 20 2012

Craving Responsibility

On Friday I received my first paycheck for my teaching “gig” (that is what it feels like right now… more on that later). After a week of filling out retirement forms and healthcare documents my parents warmly welcome me to the world of adulthood. I feel more stressed and less stressed in different ways. In…

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Jul 25 2012

transitions and transformations

There are three reasons I love traveling:   1. I can escape my problems by physically removing myself from them for a short amount of time and come back re-energized to face them again. 2. I can learn real-life skills and practice problem-solving when I get into tricky situations. 3. I can come back and…

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Jul 06 2012

My life is changing

Here at Greater Philly Institute, we have just completed our first week of teaching. Most of it is a blur right now because of the immense stress that I have felt the entire week. I would be the world’s biggest liar if I said this job was easy. I always knew it was not easy…

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Jun 30 2012

No need for luck

It was a truly amazing experience to……… sleep in today! All Corps Members earned this after getting up at 5:30 or 6 am for the past week to learn anything and everything– from the context of the schools we will be teaching at this summer to watching  the fancy fingers and videos of Lee Canter…

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Jun 07 2012

As my first blog post, I will post something that all Corps Members had to write prior to the 2012 TFA Summer Institute: their Story of Self. This piece is “is a 5-7 minute story about a personal challenge you faced that illustrates your strengths, values and motivations,” according to the TFA Pre-Institute PDF each corps…

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